Our Passion

We’re Alicia Hicks and Heather Hicks, a mother and daughter BFF team with a lifelong love of baking and cooking, and a longtime passion for eco-friendly, sustainable, healthy living and eating.

Flour & Flourish is the realization of our dreams to gain freedom and financial independence as women entrepreneurs, and to be able to share our delicious plant-based sweets with more than just our family and friends. We want to show people that by choosing plant-based sweets, it’s possible to be more compassionate and sustainable without having to sacrifice flavor or flair.

Our Mission

We know that even small changes can make a big difference when enough people step up and pitch in. Which is why we believe that by sharing our plant-based sweets, we’ll show that it’s possible to still indulge your sweet tooth while also being more thoughtful and compassionate to both your body and the world. That’s why we’ve chosen to make sweets using only ingredients that are plant-based/vegan and limited in allergens, so that it’s possible for even more people to enjoy having a cruelty-free sweet treat!

We’re committed to making sustainable sweets that give joy without taking too much from the Earth, or causing harm to those living here. That’s why as much as possible we always strive to use ingredients, packaging, and marketing materials that are sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan, and fair-trade.